Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Grandpa knows better...

LaRee has learned to open the fridge or maybe it's that she is finally taking an interest in it. Her latest obsession, whip cream from a can, she is constantly wanting " queem in my hand" and I am constantly telling her no. Well, Grandpa was cooking us lunch today so I KNOW he heard me say No cream. I headed out to sweep off the front porch. As I can back inside LaRee turns the corner with cream on her face and a hand full of the stuff. Grandpa didn't even both to turn my way or lift his head, I simply heard him say, "that girl doesn't mind very well, I told her to hurry up and eat it before your momma comes back."

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to the love of my life and the center of Miss LaRee's.

As daddy was getting ready to go to work, LaRee ran and got her necklace from nursery a.k.a her airport badge. She made it apparent that she was getting ready for work too. Like father, like daughter.

Oh, the men in our lives - I feel so lucky and blessed to have Mr. Sione T. Latu Jr. and Mr. Verlyn Berg in my life. They both see my needs and do everything they can to meet them. They are both very hard workers and sacrifice a lot for the sake of our family.

I am also grateful for the example and love of my Father-in-law and my Uncle Harold (my mother's only brother). My father-in law and Uncle are the closest thing I know to being Christlike and following his example.

All amazing men in my book!!

LaRee and her Grandpa Berg - this was a common sight in our apartment.

You may not be able to tell by the look on LaRee's face, but Grandpa Latu's kisses are Magical.

Today was a very good day. Through out the day LaRee wished her Daddy a "Happy Father's Day, Daddy." When her Daddy returned the Father's Day wishes, LaRee graciously replied, "Thank you Daddy." LaRee also wished Mommy, Grandpa, and herself a Happy Father's Day. I love the days that we spend as a family. I spent most of the day in the kitchen, what's that saying? The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Well, hopefully I accomplished that today.

Today in Sacrament meeting, the Primary children sang a couple of songs to the fathers. LaRee's little friend boy, Trey, ended with the biggest "Mmmmmuah!" which I thought was very appropriate. So here's a big "Mmmmmuah" to all the amazing men in my life!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wisconsin Foods

Sad but true, I am giving Wisconsin Foods it's own post. Yummlish!!! My fist night in Barron I met a few friends at Bona Casa for dinner. It's pretty much a diner out in the middle of nowhere and the Chicken Ravioli and Cavatellis are awesome (imagine me singing the word awesome.) I think the last time I ate there was around my high school graduation, my neighbors took me to celebrate. My dad would hate it because they serve their water in little, teeny, tiny plastic cups, but I think that's rubbish.
Lft. to Rt. Darcy, Rodger, Dan, Suzie, Misser, Shelly, Me

The morning I left I made a special trip to the Barron Bakery. I can't even stand how good their donuts are. My favorite, the long john ( I know, funny with the thought of my long history of Johns) but it is the perfect combo of donut with white cake frosting on top. mm,mm good!

My last supper was at the Norske Nook were I ordered Deep fried cheese curds and a plate of Norwegian pancakes with lingonberries and whip cream on top. Good stuff!

I joked that when I went through security they might stop me and accuse me of trying to take an ungodly amount of cheese out of the state. I think I might have jinxed myself because as soon as my cooler went through the x-ray machine they pulled me aside and asked me to, in the future, lay my cheese flat - too funny!!

The Class of 1989

Survived my 20 Year Class Reunion and I have the pictures to prove it!!!

Up above, these were our 2 "happy juice" drinkers. Daria is doing the YMCA dance on her back.

It was so good seeing everyone. I have not kept in contact with many people and the people that I have kept in contact with, well... let's just say they have not been getting a Christmas card either. Keeping in contact is not one of my strong suits.

I felt like everyone looked really good for our age, must be the large consumption of cheese, who knew!! We laughed a lot and ate good food and laughed some more and finally at the very end of the night, a few folks chose to dance. Good food, folks and fun. I am happy I went. Go Bears!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom

So I recently was on an American Airlines flight and as I was thumbing through their free magazine I found the article "Fountain of Youth" which caught my eye. Maybe that was because I was heading to my 20th Year Class Reunion (wow!) or maybe because lately I have been feeling as if my body is mad at me and falling apart is how it's going to show me who's boss. Any who, the article really moved me and I thought I might pass on the best parts and record them for myself so when I forget these little gems, I will have somewhere to reference them.

Six senior citizens were asked the same 12 questions: 1) Vocation 2) Avocations 3) Last years itinerary 4) What's next 5) Proudest Moment 6)Toughest Physical/Health hurdle I've faced so far 7) What I've given up 8) What I'll never give up 9) Perfect day 10) Most exhilarating experience 11) Best piece of advice for getting the most out of life 12) Life Philosophy

All answers where great, but the ones that I was most moved by were 11 and 12...

Jean Kendall age 75 Advice - "Never pass up an opportunity to do something new. You regret the things you didn't do, not the things you did."

Ray Bellem age 72 Advice- "You'll increase your workload productivity by about two hours a day by fitting in an hour of exercise - guaranteed! Life Philosophy - "If you keep all moving parts moving and feed yourself the right fuel, the human body can do amazing things.

Herb Fenner age 76 Advice- "Don't search for some mysterious life secret. Just keep going, have an open mind, and focus on the glass half full." Life Philosophy- "Attitude has everything to do with everything - period."

Wuni Ryschkewitsch age 84 Advice- "The older you get, the more you'll need to find something to be truly passionate about, be it music, art, photography, a sport - any activity that turns you on. Find out what it is, and indulge in it to the fullest." Life Philosophy- "Don't get old if you can avoid it. And when your body won't exactly permit this , let your spirit be your guide.

Carl Manus age 78 Advice-"Be happy and kind to everyone. Forgive everyone regardless of what they've done. Do not carry around hate and ill will - it'll only drag you down. Life Philosophy- "Enjoy every moment, and remember that all life is borrowed from God. Thank him regularly, and help others along the way - even if it's only with a kind word.

Creston Shaw age 86 Advice- "Get outside, and keep developing a positive attitude. You're going to need a lot of enthusiasm when you hit my age. Life Philosophy - "There's always a higher hill to climb - that's something you should embrace.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Headbands Project Finished

Crazy as it may sound I have a friend here and her name is Laree! She is moving away in a couple of weeks, so this is a perfect time to blog about her. She is one of those people that can do anything. In the short time I have lived here I have picked her brain about cooking, cleaning, finances, parenting, sewing and the list goes on. I am so sad that she is moving, she will be greatly missed!! She has been willing to go walking with me, which I am really going to miss, and she has had playgroup at her home on Fridays which my LaRee is going to miss. Laree has two children and my LaRee is constantly asking for them. My LaRee actually plays "Emma and Jonathan" with a variety of her toys. I often enter the room to hear her saying to her girl and boy magnets, "come on Emma and Jonathan, love you Emma and Jonathan."

Recently we got together to work on a few projects and here is a picture of the final product of one of them: Headbands! They turned out super cute and they actually minimize the craziness of LaRee's wild hair. Note: Emma has the best smile and expressions but by the time we took the picture, she was kind of over it all.Back to Big Laree (that's how great she is, she totally said I could call her that) thank you for teaching me the following 1) being a mom is good stuff 2) walk at any length or pace, just walk! 3) sweet and sour chicken need to be on my list of recipes to cook on a regular basis and 4) you don't have to be any good to sing, just sing!LaRee and Tina (picture taken at Laree's birthday party)
Many blessings in whatever comes your way Ms. Laree and family.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Got Milk?