Wednesday, May 27, 2009

High School Graduation

20 Years ago today I was going through the whole commencement ceremony for my high school graduation. Crazy how time stops for no one. I am getting ready to go back for my 20 year reunion so I have been doing a lot of pondering and reminiscing... well, maybe not a whole lot of reminiscing due to the fact that my memories are limited. I hope that is not a sign of what's to come or that high school was so awful that I have suppressed my memories of it and that they are soon to be released in full force. Angie Lammers, my grade school buddy.
Shelly Berns, my middle school locker buddy
My Parents, Alma and Verlyn.
All of the students from my homeroom. Apparently this picture was taken before us girls realized we could make the boys be the ones that knelt. Now I would totally be the one saying,"No thanks, we'll stand, you can kneel."

Really the only 3 things that I remember from this day are 1) that Darcy J. and Ivan R. sang our class song "Forever Friends" by Micheal Smith which I have always felt was a touching and moving song. 2) We did have a prayer which I was grateful for and I could not understand how that could offend anyone 3) I felt like this was the day that was the start of some thing very big. Funny, huh?! Well, if big translates into full, then I guess I was right. I feel like I have lived a very fulfilling life. I have so many happy memories. I feel like every where my feet have taken me, that amazing people have been there to greet me. I am not sure why I don't have a picture of me with my Friend Missy Prine so I HAVE TO INCLUDE the following. Here is a laugh and a half for you, FREE! You're Welcome :) Missy Berg, Missy Prine and Nancy E. - GO BEARS!!!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Dinner Idea

Soooo, I recently helped in the kitchen at a wedding reception and as I helped prepare the food I kept thinking, "this would make a really great dinner" so in order not to forget, here is the menu:

Veggie Trays with fancy ranch dressing (not the kind that one would buy in bulk at Costco)
Cherry Tomatos
Celery Sticks
Green string beans
Carrot Sticks
Red and Yellow Peppers

Guacamole and Seven Layer Dip w/ Tortilla Chips
Anti pasta Salad

I am much happier grazing then sitting down to a meal although, sitting down to a meal has its place too. I have to say that it saddens me to realize that I have turned into one of the "Ladies" that helps in the kitchen. Some times I really miss being a kid!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Girls Vacation

LaRee and I took a girls' trip to Buffalo, Wy to visit the Edstrom Family and we had more fun than two girls could be allotted. Becca is my life friend, meaning she has been there since the beginning of me. We have so much fun together. She is a constant example to me and I am so grateful to have her in my life.

On our first night in Buffalo, it snowed -- yes, snowed! It was next to impossible to get a picture of LaRee. She was too excited to stand still or stop yelling, "It's snowing, It's snowing, It's snowing!!!" and some mumbo jumbo about a snowman which guilted Brooklynn into making her one.

Becca and I attended the Friday night and Saturday morning sessions of "Time Out for Women" in Billings, Mt. We stayed at a hotel that is attached to a water park and Londyn, Brooklynn and LaRee took advantage of that while we were gone.

Leo the Gecko is Jordan's pet, but what Jordan doesn't know won't hurt him. You will notice that as the pictures progress, LaRee becomes braver. She started off not wanting to touch Leo and soon she graduated to having him on her pants..shirt..holding him and finally a smooch for Leo!

Zoey is Becca's dog. From about the moment we arrived, LaRee claimed ownership of Zoey, her toys, and her cage, but in the end Zoey got the ultimate revenge by claiming LaRee's pacifier.

Becca took the kids out of school on Monday and we all went up to "Crazy Woman Canyon". We saw a herd of Antelope and a Moose. It was so beautiful and everyone really enjoyed themselves. Nature Rocks! :)
And the following are pictures of some of the craziness during our trip...

Movie night
Lunch at the SageBrush Cafe - Yummy!!
LaRee teaching Kenzie to play piano
LaRee playing piano while wearing Brooklynn's underwear over her pajamas.

Becca has 4 children Jordan, Kenzie, Londyn and Brooklynn. They were all so good with LaRee. There was always someone there to entertain her. She had someone to play with from sun up 'til sundown. It was a wonderful trip which makes it hard to come back to my life of dishes and laundry. I am so happy that we were able to go and play and have the memories to get me through the laundry and dishes!

Monday, May 11, 2009


We have had a lot of company lately and I have to admit it... I love it! I am so grateful that so many have taken the time and money to come and spend time with us.

First we had my Auntie JaLayne, cousin Eric and my cousin Jody's husband Scott. They drove in from Minnesota. The boys spent most of their time hunting for treasures of the nature type (rocks, fossils,etc.) and we put them to work fixing our garage door, front lock, a sprinkler head, putting up 4 ceiling fans (2 with remotes) and 2 light fixtures. I wonder if they will ever come back? My Aunt JaLayne and I spent most of our time sunning, playing cards and cooking, all things that I love to do, especially with a friend!!

Next, Grandpa Latu flew in from San Francisco. It was so wonderful to have him here playing and teasing miss LaRee. She loves her "Gepe Latu"!! He enjoys her so much, even when she is being a crazy 2 year old, he still has a smile on his face and it's a smile of love, I think?!

Last but not least My Auntie Marlene, her dog Foxy, my cousin Robin and her boyfriend Ken drove in from Wisconsin and Minnesota. We started their visit off with visits to a few garage sales, which is where we found our "new to us" patio furniture. We put it to good use while they were here with multiple meals outside, some sunning and a few games of **tch Rummy, my grandma's favorite and mine too! Ken was a saint and took all of my CD's and turned them into mp3s -yippee!Hopefully everyone had a good enough time that they will come back and visit us again!!!