Friday, April 24, 2009

LaRee's Two

I know, I know, LaRee turned 2 at the end of January but lately I have not been feeling very eloquent in my writings so I have done what I do best - procrastinate. I know that she deserves better then that so her we go... LaRee is two and we could not be happier. We are so happy to have her in our little family. She has brought us such joy and a reason to use our camera on a daily basis. My two favorite things about LaRee are...
1) All of her crazy ways. Would you like an example? Okay, when her hands are dirty she holds them closed until they are washed . She has this pink dress she calls her ballerina dress and on most days she requests to wear it. She wears toys on her feet to give her height I guess ( I will try to remember to include a picture of this, it is worth seeing). She has a "thing" for shoes. If she sees shoes in the store she hurries to take off her shoes, flings them over her shoulder into the cart and yells "shoes" over and over and over until I let her try on a pair. She has her blanket which she rubs on her face, arms, belly and she occasionally will wear it on her head. She loves to use the garbage can and I hate to think of all the things she has thrown away and we are sitting here totally unaware that they are gone forever. She sings all the time - in the tub, in the car, in the yard, in bed. She knows only one song (twinkle, twinkle little star) so most of her songs are made up and occasionally we are lucky enough to see her play air guitar while she sings. Clever lady!
2) I love how quick she is to love us (her parents) and other friends and family. Her hugs and kisses are simply amazing and at times I am lucky enough to have her cuddle up to me as she falls asleep. These are the times that I think my heart might burst with happiness.

Her party was a cupcake and Ice Cream theme. We had a light dinner, an Ice Cream bar and and a ton of cupcakes to decorate.

These were the goodie bags that My friend Becky and I made, thanks Jess for the amazing pictures of them.

Such emotion - the girl loved every gift!!

How great is it to be 2!! Ice Cream and cake forever!!! My dear friend Becky and her mother, Grandma Jackie flew in from Indio, CA and we also had my dear friends Jess from Indiana and Paula from Mansfield here for the occasion. Everyone pitched in and helped which made my day so much more enjoyable. Fun was had by all. We feel so blessed to be surround by such fun and supportive friends and family!! THANK YOU!!!!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009


This is the Jesus Flag that is part of a church located behind our housing development. This is the view that we get as we turn onto our street. The view of this huge Jesus flag at the end of our street kind of makes me chuckle on most days, but for Easter Sunday I was Happy to see it. Seems like Easter is more about the bunnies and chicks then our savior and all that we has done for us individually and as a whole. I am always grateful when Easter comes around. What an amazing time of year to be reminded that we will see him again and that miracle of the empty tomb.

Our Easter Sunday was a strange one. I always envision how things are going to go and it never goes that way!
This is the closest I got to a picture of LaRee in her Easter dress. At least the ribbon is still in her hair, that is huge for us. I will spare you the details, lets just say it was an accident and luckily a woman at our ward (church) had this onsie in her bag.
This is LaRee washing the color off of her colored Easter eggs. I am guessing that she is like her father, she likes things crisp and clean. White was apparently more aesthetically pleasing to her.
Here we are coloring eggs. My opinion is at 2 years of age the child may really want to color eggs but it should be left to the 3 year and older folks. They probably know better what gentle and softly means.
My Aunt JaLayne sent LaRee many special treats for Easter. Here she is with her Elmo basket. So much fun. We did baskets after church (thank goodness) and our good friend Todd came down for dinner. It was a nice day where everyone is happy because they are hopped up on sugar!