Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Elvis

Chuy's Restaurant celebrates Elvis's Birthday in a big way and really have a hard time passing up a good party. They had an Elvis impersonator singing, which LaRee went wild for, "Elvis was singing to me , mommy!" They gave out free Twinkies for dessert, Elvis masks, buttons, tattoos and cups. If you dressed up like Elvis or Priscilla, your meal was free. LaRee is baby Priscilla. Thank you sandy for once again helping us make a sewing-free poodle skirt and headbands.


Darci Jean the Dancing Queen Jr. said...

That is VERY cute! And I want to go to Chuy's!!

Denice Honshtein said...

Adorable!! I think your family is so stinkin Cute!!!

Wade and Libby Family said...

Melissa! You've probably forgotten that I even read this but just wanted to say hi! Such cute pictures and I have to say Chuy's is our fav! We miss it! Hope you are doing great!