Thursday, April 1, 2010

A white Christmas in Texas???

Yes, those are bare foot footprints, remember - she is part island girl!

Who would have thunk it? Christmas eve it started snowing and Christmas morning we woke up and it was still on the ground -Crazy! but if I had to choose 2 days out of the whole year to have snow, those 2 would have been my choice too.

Crazy Tongan in his rolled up pants and slippahs

One excited girl

LaRee informed us that Santa was bringing her a camera, 2 days before Christmas when the Santa at the Gaylord asked her what she wanted, she told him a baby doll!??!
sad but true, her story never changed sooo ta dah - thank you Santa for my baby doll.


Anonymous said...

Somebody had a blog marathon recently! These are all fun.

Leah S. said...

did we just skip over summer and go right to Christmas without anyone telling me?

Leah S. said...

Kidding.....Love the pictures of that little girl. she is so beautiful, I bet you have a blast with her.