Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry Christmas Y'all

I just love Christmas when families gather and people in general feel a little more sensitive to others. It is a time that we have so many reminders (if we look) of Christ's birth. What an amazing thing that was for the world, let alone each of us individually. It makes me feel humble and reminds me that we are all part of a much bigger picture. Our stake (made up of multiple church congregations) put on what they called "The Nativity" where members donate their nativities for this 3 day event and some very talented members, then turn the stake center (building) into this amazing display for the public and church members to attend. It was nice to be a part of this peaceful kick of to the Christmas season. Here are a few of my favorite nativities:

They had a celestial room which was done all in white. It felt so peaceful and heavenly.

I have always loved these silly little mice. There is a shop in San Diego at Seaport Village that sells them and I can not tell you the number of times I went in just to look at there collection of mice. If I had a million dollars.
These two were so unique. This first one was made out of peanut shells and the second out of nuts and bolts. Clyde Rhodes would have loved it.

Simple but very much how I think it might have been. This one was from Uruguay I think.

These last two were submitted by myself and my dad. The coconut nativity is from a trip to the Polynesian Cultural Center with Mr. Sione Latu so it has a special place in our home and stays out year round as a little Christmas reminder. The Native American nativity was hand painted by my Auntie Jalayne. She did such an amazing job. Such detail. LaRee like it because it has a bear. I have found her numerous times, on a chair trying to reach it and I always know she is trying to reach it because I can hear her going "GRRRRRR!" like all bears do.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

My kid makes me laugh

I can't help it. I have to blog about LaRee, again!! She is just so funny and crazy and WILD!

I came home from caroling and delivering christmas treats with the church Relief Society only to find LaRee and Grandpa in the kitchen cooking or should I say holiday baking. Grandpa gives LaRee way too many privileges in the kitchen. If you click on the picture it might come up bigger on your screen and you will be able to see the circle of peanut butter on her face as well as the powdered sugar on her cheek and pants. She was "run-around-the-house" happy. I am sure it was a mixture of happy to be with Grandpa and sugar!!!!
We finally bought a couple of bar stools for our kitchen bar. I was doing dishes and all of a sudden I see this little set of eyes peer over the bar. That little stinker can pull her self up and sit up to the bar.
Do you ever wonder what your kids are doing when you finally take that quick trip to the bathroom? Well, mine is busy diapering Elmo. I opened the door to find a diapered Elmo and by the time I had returned with the camera, LaRee had joined us. Elmo is hipper then most kids, he wears one side of his diper over his shoulder. Too Cool Elmo!!
This must be LaRee's version of a Tea Party. She has put a stuffed dog in one chair and given both of them sippey cups. Note she has stuffed a pillow behind her back for what I can only guess is a little added comfort.

I came into the kitchen Sunday morning to find LaRee squeeling over the Toys r Us ad from the Sunday paper. I asked Grandpa if he had given it to her and he said that she had "requested" he give it to her. There was so much exciting stuff that she couldn't take the time to sit down.
On this moring LaRee had a spoon and she hopped down from the table and helped herself to a fork from the silverware drawer and ate the rest of her cereal with both a spoon and fork. This girl is definitely special, I am just not sure what kind of special.LaRee had such a good time decorating our Christmas tree. This is a picture of her clapping and singing her own praises after hanging an ornament, which she did with every ornament she put on the tree.

As I was passing our Christmas tree I noticed what looked to me to be a new ornament. It was a set of nailclippers. I am guessing that because it had a silver loop at the top , when LaRee found them in Grandpa's room she figured they were to go on the tree as an ornament. Clever girl!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


We finally had our first official house guests. The Santos and Hepp family flew in from Kearns, Utah. I worked with Yvette Santos when I first moved to San Diego. I love their family and we always have such a good time when we are together -- talking and eating and then talking and eating some more. Jesse Santos is a master of the barbecue and Nana (Yvette's Mom) makes the worlds best potato salad. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from their visit.

What a couple. Both Yvette and Jesse are from Guam. Jesse is in the Army and that is how they ended up in Utah. Next round they are looking at Texas. How great would that be?!!
This is Logan. He has the most enchanting laugh and a smile that is just as great as his laugh!
This is my Godson, Jarad. He turned 5 while here in Texas. He is turning into such a little man. He loves LaRee which thrills me. They just about wore each other out with their running around and such.

There was a great amount of tumbling done by Jarad and LaRee.

LaRee, Trevor and Sione. Trevor really took to Sione and every time he saw him you would hear, "Uncle!"
LaRee didn't know whether to cry or laugh when the ride started. She started to cry, but broke into a smile and got all excited once the ride got going. Look at that face!! It is so hard to catch that kind of excitement on camera, but we see it alot and love her for it!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Giving Thanks

I have so much to be thankful for...here is the short list from the top of my head
My religion and the questions that it clears up for me and the peace that it brings me daily , My family ( the whole lot of them, both sides), My friends that I choose to be family, A loving husband who is a great provider, gentle listener and who seems to stay cool, calm and collective at all times, Our home and all of its perks (laundry room, garage, guest room-hint hint, backyard), electricity, medicine, king size beds, e-mail, chocolate, for that matter taste, creating and having memories, laughter and last but not least little lady LaRee!!!