Thursday, October 2, 2008

Officially Home Owners

It's official!! We are first time home owners. It is a very exciting and scary thing. After closing, we stopped at the new house on the way to our apartment. LaRee went up and down the stairs about a dozen times, hum, I wonder if that will ever get old for her?? She got excited when we went out to the backyard which tickled me to no end. I am most excited about our back yard and deck!!! hee hee. The pictures of the backyard and deck are the pictures posted by the previous owners. It is empty and sad for now. It is a 4 bedroom (2 master suites) with 3 and a half baths and 3 living areas. Yea space!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Texas State Fair

Yesterday was Sione's day off and $3 Dr. Pepper day at the Texas State fair, so we took a little field trip. What a fun filled day. There was an amazing petting zoo and LaRee squealed with joy through the whole thing. Her favorite animals were the goats (my mom would have loved that fact). They also had a hands on farm where LaRee pretended to plant and pick fruits and vegetables, milk a cow, pick eggs and feed chickens. She was very timid, but did most everything that they asked her to do. I think everyones favorite part was free cones at the food and fabrics building. yummlish!!