Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Settling in...

We are finally feeling settled in. All boxes are unpacked, well - most boxes! Our garage is half full with boxes and furniture. We are only unpacking the necessities and it really is amazing what we already own, but can live without. Our only duplicate purchase was a bathroom trash can and the only thing that I packed and cannot find are the bags for our laundry cart. Which isn't a big deal unless you are Mr. Latu. We are in the process of buying a house and I am trying to contain my excitement since so much can change during this process. If all goes as planned we will be moving in on the 5th of October. Hopefully, more to follow on that subject.
We attended our address appropriate ward/church this last Sunday. As we were crossing the parking lot a woman getting out of her car yells across the parking lot, "y'all visiting us today or moved into the ward?" Such a warm Texas welcome!! We really like the ward. A nice mix of young, old and in between. There are even a handful of Tongan families. Verlyn said they took the time in Highpriest group for everyone to introduce themselves. The ward even has a "LaRee" only her name has a little "r." They are starting a "mommy group" get together on Friday mornings, so I am looking forward to that. I have enjoyed spending my days with LaRee. We are bonding more now. She is starting to pretend which seems crazy to me. When she is fake falling she will say really fast, "oh no, oh no, oh noooo!" We try to go in the pool as much as possible. Love it!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Waco Zoo, who would have known

We were able to take advantage of Sione's day off and go to Waco for the day. I figured it was important to do so since it was part of his mission and our wedding sealer mentioned at least 3 times that it was important for him to revisit his mission. It was a nice day. We went to the Dr. Pepper museum, had some kick butt barbecue and ended the day with a trip to the Zoo. It was so nice. Lots of animals, few people and lots of a/c stops along the way. It was a perfect family affair.

Friday, August 15, 2008

We have arrived...

Finally, we are here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We left San Diego on August 4th after a full day of work, but I am so glad that we did. It made the trip go that much better. My dear friend Becky (or as LaRee calls her - "A B" for auntie B)came along for the ride and I will be forever grateful. As Verlyn said to her the morning she returned to San Diego, "we never would have made it without you." I am guessing that we would have made it, but that it would have been a total nightmare. We spent the first night of our trip in Yuma, AZ. I know that it is spitting distance from San Diego, but I guarantee you that it was one of my better nights of sleep. We spent the next night in Van Horn, TX. That was a more difficult night. LaRee was teething and had a crazy high fever. Her whole body was hot to the touch - tummy, feet, hands. I felt so bad for her. She woke up about every half hour. The next day went so much better. Everyone always talks about how nice people from Texas are. It's true, every time I came out of a restroom talking to someone, Becky would shoot me a look. I promise - I never started it!!

It feels so good to be here. I loved my time in San Diego and I feel like I have left behind some bits and pieces of myself. I have made some amazing friends who have been great examples in my ward there. I have also made friends through my job and through the singles ward. I had met most of them soon after moving to San Diego 10 years ago. It does feel crazy to live somewhere that I do not have any history.

Happy to be here, but sad to have left so many good friends in San Diego.

Auntie B - come to Texas soon!! Any time, our door is open.