Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Our bucket beauty

Becky ( my fellow blogger) said that I just had to blog about LaRee's new choice of head wear. We have tried to get LaRee to wear headbands, stocking caps, hair clips, ball caps, etc. and she refuses them all, so it is quite comical that she chooses to wear this bucket on her head and from the look on her face, she finds herself to be quite pretty.

We just got back from a 5 day trip to the Dallas/Fort worth area. Both Junior and I have friends in the area and we just think that it is an enjoyable place to be. We attended the Tongan Ward while we were there. We both enjoyed it and everyone was very nice. All three meeting were in Tongan, so I am guessing that Junior enjoyed it a little more then I did. We both celebrated our birthdays there, if you can call it celebrating. Each year that passes makes having a birthday that much more uneventful. We had BBQ for Juniors birthday and 1/2 price sonic drinks for mine. When we got back our friends Becky and Todd brought us dinner and a cake. Very nice! Grandpa is a softy when it comes to LaRee so she was free to play in the cake. No wonder Grandpa is her favorite!! LaRee is wanting to practice her Independence more and more each day which is leading to more messes for her parents and more joys for LaRee.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I have found a new cookie. Yumlish!! For $2.00 at Safeway (Vons) I was able to purchase a little bit of heaven. A graham cracker cookie with a chocolate and marshmallow cream middle. They are crazy good!

I had a cat-scan today. I did that for the dramatic affect. It was a dental one. A large part of my lower lip and chin are numb after a root canal I had done the middle of February. Let me tell ya something, it is a crazy feeling and at one point I had decided that I was going to let it bug me and be all upset about it but then I realized that there is always someone worse off. I can still chew (thank goodness) and I have a very loving husband that is willing to tell me that I have something on my face when I get a little sloppy while eating.  Life is good!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Shelter Island Park

This little girl of ours is doing something crazy and amazing (to us) just about every day. We finally took her to the park to swing on the swings, which she hated and slide down the slides, which she loved! She even made a friend. I made Sione snap a quick picture of them hugging.