Monday, February 25, 2008

Getting Started

Wow, what a big day for me, becoming a blogger and all. I truly feel that I would be cheating you all out of something pretty special if I started this blog with the beginning of 2008. I just gotta go back to the beginning of 2007 when our lovely little LaRee came into our lives. She has been everything we hoped for and more. LaRee Meleane Kaleialoha Latu came to us on January 29th weighing 7lb 8oz and measuring 21 1/2 inches long. She had her momma's mouth for about a day and then she soon became the girl version of her father.

We just celebrated her 1st birthday - can ya believe it? Crazy! We had a monkey themed party with banana being the flavor if the night. LaRee had a good time and so did her parents. Her favorite gifts were a new red chair that was just her size and a musical stage with lights, microphone, and mirror - yes, our girl is a tiny bit vain. Surprise, surprise,surprise!! I was so excited to see her dive into her very own mini cake and all she wanted to do was pick at the frosting for a minute and then she was back to her mini stage singing away. Biggest surprise was that she knew exactly what to do with the microphone! Wild!